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Comments Kiteboarding-World: A company from Tirol/Austria offers a perfect destination for kite boarding fans in the North Atlantic/Caribbean.

For Kiteboarding-World the dream of finding a family friendly and save kite spot for teaching became reality!

Reutte: The first time when my sons spoke to me from their desire of freedom, was in Den Helder Holland, at this time they were 10 years old. Their wish: Being able to ride with a kite-board on the ocean. At this time I thought it is really dangerous, only the idea made me scared. Some years later, we spent a half year job related in Florida, there my sons got once more in contact with kite boarding.

A DREAM BECOMES TRUE In that reason Simon and Markus began their education - at this time 16 years - as an Assistance Instructor on the beach of Key Biscayne. After this there followed many hours of education and training on different spots in the USA and Europe, at the North Atlantic and the Caribbean islands; until they became an independent IKO Kite-Instructor. During this time we were always searching for a beginner and family - friendly spot to set up our own kite-school and kite-resort. For this reason we detected the spot "Long Bay" on the island Turks and Caicos. There we found constant sideonshore trade wind with 12 to 25 knots the most time of the year, as well as glass clear water with comfortable temperature, and a huge area (about 2miles) to teach in waist-deep water. The tide on Long bay is just 0,75 meter, because the spot is situated on the protected south-east side of the island. A just 90 minutes flight from Miami or 3 hours from New York will bring you to the islands from Turks and Caicos. Here you also will find the very famous bay named "Grace Bay" with one of the most beautiful beaches on earth. There experienced kite boarders will find nice waves, when the wind is coming from northern directions, but the bay is also protected with one of the biggest barrier riffs. Fitting to our kite-course in Caribbean flair (following the IKO standards), we also offer you the right and affordable villa on the luxury islands of Turks and Caicos. The 2-6 persons villas from our business partner are on the island Providenciales, situated 2 minutes from Grace Bay beach, they are also close to the shopping areas and restaurants. For relaxation after kite-boarding the resort offers you Pool and SPA. If you would like to start your kite boarding course with your own and accustomed kite-gear, we offer you in our online-shop a big choice of possibilities for kite-boarding gear and water sport cloth.

Here the names of our brands in store: JN SPORTING GOODS Germany for kites and boards / MYSTIC - MBRANDS INTERNATIONAL for water sport cloth / CRAZYFLY Slovakia for kites and boards / WOODBOARD Austria exclusive solid wood boards / KHEO Mountainboards / PETER LYNN for Foil and Lei Kites / NECTAR SUNGLASSES

For Kiteboarding-World team it would be a pleasure to assist you with finding the right kite gear, or to teach you at Long Bay Beach on Providenciales, to become an independent and save kiteboarder. At the end of the kite course you will get the IKO Member card, this card you will need on common spots for riding.

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Kiteboarding as coordination training


Comment Kiteboarding-World: A Tyrolean company beginner´s learn the new sport on the water - and a new life begins.

Maria Stecher on body control, concentration on and in the water - as well as body awareness on the kite.

Reutte, "see feeling" Propriozeption designated the ability to perceive the body movement and position in space. Since in our time many of the sense of balance is disturbed , the kiting is ideally suited to restore this balance . Fact: On Water - the sea as well as in our lakes - are constantly changing the conditions of wind and waves . This requires a high Concentration of the athlete ; its coordination ability is characterized consistently strengthened and improved.

KITING MORE THEN JUST A SPORT: The control of the kite controlled via steering wires , fixed to the so-called bar and attached to a harness, the belly to the is supported - is a major challenge for many people . It needs full concentration to the kite by wind and gusts specifically to control in the air and use it as train and air resources ; whether you are wide on the solid surface , such as on a Sandy beach , or already in shallow water training. A question often asked by viewers is: how can kite back towards Beach back control , or change their direction of travel ? On that note : Of course, this is possible but it should work with local Spot conditions and the wind window to be familiar . We recommend our IKO Kiteboarding courses in which they so exactly is explained , demonstrated in practice and taught much more. For beginners offshore wind is inappropriate.

GETTING STARTED & GETTING METERS: After the kite flight training is another important requirement , the bodydragging is trained in a next step . In this Exercise is taught how to balance properly inserted into the water , and by skilful Kitesteuerung a given point can achieve again . This measure need aspiring riders to board at loss as quickly as possible their board under the Get feet , or to reach their starting point at the beach . Another challenge is to work with one hand the Kiteboard record from the beach , while with one hand continue the kite must be kept in the air . Are Beginners for the first exercises of the water starts ready , they must control the kite with one hand , while trying at the same time sitting in the water , in to get the straps of the board. If you succeeded in this , you control the kite in the riding position , at the same time they try stand up and take on board the correct leg position and posture ; If you also this step be managed drive the budding riders already the first meters with board across the water.

GET SAFE: Practice makes perfect - on the kite and board : it is absolutely important to be familiar with all the basic techniques of kiteboarding and then safely as a self Kiteboarder in different situations to driving.

SELECTING THE CORRECT SPOT: Especially for beginners courses , some beaches are better than others, depending on the respective spot properties . the correct Selection is an important criterion in order to learn much faster and safer the basics of kiting . About positive and negative influences on a variety of levels we provide detailed information in our courses . Coordination training also affects positive effect on the general responsiveness . Other positive effects are an increased body awareness and self-assured Posture . We feel it myself and confirm our students again and again : Kiteboarding feels like dancing on the Water !

Desire and interest ?

Kiteboarding-World offers them to individual kitesurfing courses for beginners in various places in Europe and the Caribbean. According to their personal preference Interested parties can choose a training spot on our website.

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( Caption ) technique , exercise and a lot of fun in sport: are Kiting in the Caribbean & Co Body awareness and skills in the program.