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Building on the success of the original Tona Pop, the Limited Edition was conceived for riders pushing the limits of their progression every session. For rotations, rolls, and reverts – the Limited Edition Aircore Pop is Dereck’s answer to riders looking for a lighter board with a slightly softer ride while maintaining the same great explosive pop that the original board was known for. The Limited feels extremely light on the feet but rides as powerful as you do. By putting an entirely new twist on an already proven design we’ve added yet another unique board to the Tona line.

133 Metallic/Blue
Width: 40.5 CM – Tip width 25 CM

138 Metallic/Blue
Width: 41.5 CM – Tip width: 26 CM

142 Metallic/Blue
Width: 42.75 CM – Tip width: 27 CM

The Pop Ltd comes with our 0.8″ Ramp fins. These fins are shallow in depth which makes them great for riding up onto the beach or even hitting ramps without breaking off. The extra length provides increased surface area so you get as much grip as you would normally get with deeper, conventional fins.

The Kung Fu Grip
With the deepest and most effective channels you’ll find on a kite board, the bottom design of the Pop offers grip like no other when riding finless. The double concave works in collaboration with the channels acting as a dampener to soften hard landings while the flat surface area out the tips makes for minimal drag and a clean release off the water on air tricks.

We use a sintered UHMW slider base for the bottom of our boards. This sintered base is widely known as the toughest slider material in the snowboard and wakeboard industry due to its compression formed polymer structure. It also holds up great for sliding up onto sandy beaches. Rub some wax on the base for a little extra slip and steeze.