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Being focused on one style is good, but serving all styles is even better.  With our  JN 3 D approach,  the hybrid shape for  4&5 lines,   we focused on more performance orientated Wild Thing than ever. The 6th generation of the Wild Thing provides  an even faster turning, strong static pull, powerful lift and enhanced low wind performance. The Wild Thing benefits from the rich innovative features from JN, like Perfect Round Arc Shape combined with the best materials available to the industry. We accepted no compromise in quality. To answer the low wind requirements with a performance model there are the sizes:  12 and 14. Easy four lines bridle kite offers the benefits of a fast responding performance weapon when you need it.  With Wild Thing expect a sportive, fast turning, well balanced modern 4 with optional 5 line kite concept serving classic freestyle or freeride/wave.

Simple 4 line supporting leading edge bridle  with Virtual 5th Line Instant 4 line relaunch and classic 5t line support for low winds Enhanced low wind performance and extended wind range by an optimized effective area with proven canopy design from Michael Nesler Good upwind capability Easy access to high jumps Constant pop and hang time Most direct and responding steering Fast turning thanks to the JN canopy-tip construction

Perfect Round Arc 3D Shape Floating Batten System FBT High end manufacturing by double and taped seams, strong reinforcement, best industry materials only: D2 Tejin canopy fabric double rip stop and Polyant Dimension Dacron fabric Kevlar at critical points for enhanced durability Sophisticated 5 strut construction Single point inflation /deflation Simple to service Ready to fly

SET: Kite, Back Pack Bag, Repair Kit, JN Master's Craft


PERFECT ROUND WIDE ARC SHAPE: The leading edge is made from minimal segments and is completely rounded which is achieved with clever cutting methods. This makes it lighter, stiffer, more robust and far more aerodynamic.

3D CONCAVE SHAPE: Innovative new Shape of the Leading Edge, by our new 3D software. The Concave provides better depower, greater range of application as well as fantastic relaunching, even in lighter winds. Canopy is optimized in all ares from tip to the center according to the real airflows along the cap. This provides better performance and efficiency, stable performance at the wind window and balanced flying ability with no front- or back staling.

6-7PSI RECOMMENDED: Single point inflation - a proven external, easy to maintain system.

ETHICAL TRADE: We know we have a direct influence on work ethics in the world, that’s why we work with international partners and subcontractors who maintain decent working standards as a matter of course.