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Our board for bigger riders or lighter winds, this purposeful and high performance surf board is also extremely fun and easy to ride in any situation. The JN team have tested this board in varied conditions and you won't find a smoother livelier production kiteboard with as much flex with this weight to strength ratio. The traditional thruster fin set up gives good upwind performance, snappy turns off the lip and speed control on the wave. FCS fin boxes stand up to the increased sideways force and abuse that kitesurfing gives a board.

Easy access, works well both strapped and strapless. It has a low kite-specific rocker line , powerful diamond tail and light concave, good upwind capability, early planing, and good control when the wind gets stronger. It's a smooth ride with a minimum of bounce in more choppy water. Shaped by our team rider and French wave champion Guilliame Mariani.

New modern EPS Core 30kg/m³(non water sucking, more dense, more stability) all boards with Carbon Patch reinforcements 2018 : extra reinforced rails with quadglass instead of carbon rails Bamboo Laminate sandwich construction both on the deck and base Extra reinforced step area with carbon patch Quad glass Premium epoxy resin Unidirectional full length pvc stringer for maximum strength Exceptional strength to weight ratio FCS fins and finbox units Gloss Lacquer Finish

SET:Complete with 3 x M3 Quad honeycomb glass fins & EVA deck pads