How everything began...
The first time, when I spoke to my family about desire of freedom, it were in Den Helder the Netherlands, at this time i was 10 years old. My wish: Being able to ride with a Kite & Board on the ocean, like the one i saw my first time right at this moment. At this time my mam thought it is really dangerous, only the idea made her scared. Some years later, we spent a half year job related in Florida, and there my chance came once more to start my Destiny as a professional Kiteboader & Instructor.

A dream becomes true
To realize the Desire of Freedom, my twin brother Simon and I have started our education as an Assistance Instructor on the beach of Key Biscayne. At this time we were 16 years. After this there followed many hours of education and training on different spots in the USA and Europe, at the North Atlantic and the Caribbean islands; until we became an independent IKO certified Kiteboarding Level 1 - Instructor.


Date of Birth 03/13/1993      Discipline: Freestyle/Wakestyle

Favorite spots: Turks & Caicos islands, Marco island (FL), Cocoa beach & Cape canaveral (FL), Lake Silvaplana (CH), Denmark Hou (DK).
Favorite brands: Mystic, JN, Crazyfly, Slingshot, Woodboard, Peter Lynn, Kheo.
Favorite setup: Prima Donna 10-12M / Wild Thing 8-14M , Any Board 136 in 17-25 knots
Favorite tricks: 313 / Blind Judge 3 / Back-Mobe / Slim-Chance / Hearth Attack, and many more.

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